Hood Bra for Fiat 500L m.y. since 2012


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CAR HOOD BRA for Fiat 500L m.y. since 2012

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  • Fiat 500L m.y. since 2012


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The bra for the bonnet prevents chipping, scratches and other damage on the car paint. The Bra must be stretched along the bonnet and tight. Sturdy rubber straps guarantee a secure hold.


We are a manufacturer from Germany, and offer you a stoneguard protection of our own production in high quality and good fit. Our hood bra offers protection against stone chips and insects, gives a sporty look and an extraordinary design for your vehicle! The stone guard covers the bonnet and is quick, easy and gentle to install on the vehicle. No cutting, no drilling required, completely without tools. The bonnet can be easily opened in the attached state. The Bra is made of weather-resistant synthetic leather, the border is made of a special soft material and guarantees a long durability. The Bra is extremely durable, tear-resistant, UV resistant, salt water and weather resistant. The Bra is intended for use in all weathers and temperatures.

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